This is an amazing app for working parents. If you work at home and have small children, then you know: nap time is key. Get lunch in those kids, then get them to sleep and get to work.

While my kids are snoozing, I reach for this app. Cloud Baby Monitor turns any iOS device or Mac into a video baby monitor. So it’s the perfect thing if you have any old iPhones or iPads lying around and need an extra baby monitor.

We have an old iPad set up in my daughter’s room set to “child unit,” and we turn one of our phones to “parent unit” every night so we can hear her and even see her if we need to. The companion Mac app is perfect if I’m working and want to put a video feed of the girl in the corner of the screen so I can see when she wakes up.

You can set alerts for sound or movement, and you can even “mix audio with other apps” so you can put in a podcast while doing the dishes, but still hear baby in the background in case she needs attention.

It works for iOS and Mac, but also Apple Watch and Apple TV. We have used all of these devices at one time or another and they have all worked great.

It’s also the perfect thing for travel—when we go on a trip, we’re going to bring the iPad anyway, so we can then NOT pack the baby monitor or sound machine, since it has white noise built in too.

Is it Hard to Set Up?

Not at all. You sign in with your Apple ID on all the devices you want to use it on and it connects up automatically. You choose “child unit” or “parent unit” and it pretty much just works.

Any Drawbacks?

I can only think of a few. One is that it is going to be hard on your battery if you use it overnight frequently. I do this anyway, just knowing I may need a new phone battery at some point.

It is also currently only iOS and MacOS, so….sorry Android folks.

One other potential concern: you pay once for iOS and put it on as many iPhones and iPads as you want, but then you have to pay separately for the Mac version if you need it.


Learn more and download from cloudbabymonitor.com